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Who we are and what we do
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adult drug services       Leeds Wellbeing Centre
We provide Community Rehabilitation and Reintegration services for Leeds residents who are 18+, as part of the Safer Leeds Treatment and Recovery System.   Peer Mentoring intro Aiming to provide Counselling and Complementary Therapies to some of our most disadvantaged client groups, including carers, asylum seekers, refugees and people needing support both from statutory and voluntary sector services.
Offering individuals who are engaged in the leeds drug treatment and recovery system the opportunity to support others as part of their own recovery.
These services are:        
Structured Day Programme        
Intensive structured and accredited groups and courses alongside individual support at our city centre premises.   red nose day
These services are:  
Access to residential rehab intro  
Access to long term residential treatment for people requiring long-term intensive support away from Leeds.  
Aftercare Intro  
Delivered in the community in partnership with local agency Community Links. Aftercare offers short term support to help with specific goals in order to help people move away from drug treatment.